Pregnancy is a wonderful time filled with many expectations and bodily changes. For some women pregnancy can be a relatively easy time but for others it can withhold some challenges. We are all different but what can help are the preparations you take before falling pregnant. This alone can make a major difference to your pregnancy and growing baby.It is normal to experience a few minor or major changes and issues throughout your different stages of pregnancy and this is why choosing a specialist who works in this field is imperative.


To assist you and your growing baby in having a healthy and happy pregnancy I would seek specialists in:

– Yoga
– Pilates
– Acupuncture
– Naturopathy
– Chiropractic

Remember Pregnancy is a time to Nurture and Embrace! So whilst you want to look after you and your growing babies know you can use this time to also embrace in some amazing pregnancy exercises and techniques which in turn will assist your labor.

Check out our Pregnancy DVD collection for a safe, nurturing and uplifting Yoga and Pilates Fusion Practice.

‘A time to rest and nurture, to celebrate and embrace, to grow both mentally and physically and connect to your inner-being.’

Private Sessions available with Tenille.
These sessions can specialise in the following:
– Pilates
– Yoga
– Relaxation (Restorative Yoga)
– Guided Meditation
– Labor preparations
1hr session- $70
1.5hr Workshop- $100 (for you and your partner)
Class and small group options also available.

Contact Tenille on 0423841155 or


Yoga/Pilates DVD with Tenille



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  • “I began Pilates with Tenille back in 2009 after encouragement from my daughter for a healthy passive approach to a lifestyle exercise. I’ve found immense satisfaction with Tenille’s dedicated passion for teaching and achieving the best results for each and every client. I look forward each week to my semi-private classes and believe she is dedicated to each clients personal needs/requirements and goals. My only regret is I didn’t discover Pilates earlier.”

  • “I started doing the Pregnancy Pilates/Yoga classes with Tenille when I was 28 weeks pregnant. I loved that it challenged my body and made me feel fit during my pregnancy. You so often get told during pregnancy what you can”t do… LOVED that you CAN do everything in Tenille”s Prenatal classes. Another benefit was how clam and relaxed I felt during and after each session. Tenille”s calming presence and guidance helped me connect with my bump and disconnect from the stressful parts of the day, even on the most tired days. I recommend Tenille”s Prenatal classes to any first time or experienced mum. My personal experience was such a positive one that I have encouraged all my pregnant friends to give it a go.”