We never truly understand the feelings and emotions of caring and nurturing another human being until we become a mother. Motherhood is that unconditional love we have for another and while we put some much time, energy and love in to our little ones and family we can’t always get it right.

Along with being a Mother comes a lot of different feelings and emotions from pure joy to anger, from satisfaction to guilt, to giving and giving and needing to know how to ‘GIVE BACK TO YOU’.

‘To look after another we need to first look after ourselves. If we don’t look after us then how can we be there 100% for another…’


As mothers we do have a duty to care, nurture, give and provide but we also need to find time for ourselves. Here are some great holistic professionals who can support you throughout motherhood:

– Chiropractor
– Acupuncturist
– Massage Therapist
– Beauty Therapist
– Life Coach
– Pilates, Yoga or Fitness Instructor.

It is also the little things in life that are important like just allowing yourself to be in the moment, enjoy some peace and quiet, and be on your own amidst your own thoughts and feelings. We can do this by:

– Journalling
– enjoying a cup of tea or coffee in peace
– a walk amongst nature
– a swim in the ocean
– a relaxing bath
– a day/night out with the girls
– Find a hobby
– Find what your peaceful, happy place is…

‘When becoming a mother for the first time you will discover what it is truly like to nurture, care and love for another being. It is for this reason we need to give back to ourselves and find those moments that nourish our bodies on the inside and outside.’

Private & Group Sessions available with Tenille.
These sessions can specialise in the following:
– Pilates
– Yoga
– Relaxation (Restorative Yoga)
– Meditation
1hr session- $70
Classes and small group options also available.

Contact Tenille on 0423841155 or


Yoga/Pilates DVD with Tenille



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