My Story #2 – Pregnant and Loving it!

I remember while trying for a while to fall pregnant with our first I meditated one night and said to myself… ‘I am ready, my body is ready… whatever I have to go through to get pregnant and be pregnant I can take it…’ I was thinking please bring on morning sickness and anything else I need to just be pregnant… never did I realise that everything I was doing months before actually falling pregnant was the critical steps I needed to not only fall pregnant but have the most enjoyable and easy pregnancy experience. Seriously, I loved every part of my pregnancy… I felt I was in total control, there was nothing I couldn’t do. My whole pregnancy I felt excited, happy, creative, positive, confident, in control and totally blessed. I know many of you will be reading this and thinking… seriously? How unfair? How’d she do it…? I truly and deeply feel that it all comes down to your Preparations before pregnancy. Before falling pregnant my body was at its healthiest, fittest and happiest, physically and mentally. The acupuncture, restorative yoga, meditations, beach walks, healthy food and juice cleanses all paid off in more ways then I could imagine. In the end it was a blessing to have had trouble falling pregnant as my journey actually prepared my body the way it needed to.

I’m having to really thinking back now to my 1st pregnancy in 2014, but there’s a few stories and experiences I remember… The first feeling I remember was how proud and overwhelmed I felt to tell all our family and friends that we were expecting. Some of our friends and family knew we had be trying for a while so the excitement was felt and shared by everyone. The most special moment was from my niece, Ayva, who when found out told me. ‘I’m so happy Auntie Neilly. I know you’ll be the best mum because you are the best Auntie.’ It was being an Auntie that I knew I wanted and would have children of my own one day.

Its funny with your first pregnancy how you think you need to read up on all the books, eat all the right foods, do the correct exercise, and get yourself and home as baby ready as possible. You know what I think… this is such a load of BS! If it’s something you really want to do and it will keep you more relaxed then do it. However, I gained more knowledge through yoga, meditation, midwives, other mums and just listening to what my body really wanted and needed. I truly believe you will know and listen to your body the best when you’re pregnant. So just trust the process. One of the best things I did through my pregnancy was yoga with instructors who specialised in pregnancy. Whilst this helped to keep my body in the best shape for pregnancy and support my ever changing body. It also prepared me for labour, and prepared my baby for the world and our connection together. It really is a powerful practice when pregnant. I remember doing a yoga session with my dear friend, Candice, who was also pregnant and we had to practice the ‘Lion labour breath’… I would say we are both quite tame and private people so this was hard for us to breath loud, deep and find your inner lion… but hey I’m glad I learned it as I ended up using it in my labour and now teach it to my clients.

While writing this blog I’m trying so hard to remember how i felt emotionally and if at any stage I felt low… seriously I can not think of one. I’m sure there were times of feeling low but it just goes to show that ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’, as it’s not those things you’ll remember when you look back on life. You’ll reminder the highlights, the times you felt at your best and the memories that made you most happy. Yes I could complain about the weight gain, never being able to decide what I wanted to eat at dinner time, not having one drink or eating raw fish the whole pregnancy and working out how we were going to get by on one wage. But you know what I never really worried about these things. I just accepted that this was what being pregnant was all about. Everyone goes through the same stuff. It’s part of the journey. It’s not something to stress over but just accept the process and be grateful to be pregnant. I guess looking back on my first pregnancy the hardest thing was knowing I’d be stepping away from my business and having to put the plans and training in place to have others fill in for me. Plus working out how I could still run my business without it costing me. The one unfortunate thing about being in small business is, if you’re not working in it or on it then you’re not making money- or very much money and government support is slim to none. But once again, get over it and just accept it is what it is. Money is always something that has frustrated me in life… I think it triggers from my childhood… but I just keep reminding myself that money isn’t everything and family, love and mother nature will fulfill our lives with more.

So here is are my 5 pieces of advice when pregnant, especially with your first.

  1. Have lots of dates with your partner and girl friends
  2. Do you exercises- Pilates, yoga, walking, squatting, pelvic floor, perineum massage.
  3. Discover meditation and mindfulness and get to know and listen to your body
  4. Breath, Breath and more breathing…
  5. Try to overcome or just become aware of any fears or stresses before your labour. This will help you to be aware and completely surrender your body for a natural birth and provide an environment that more relaxing once bub comes along.

If you are interested I do run Pregnancy and Birthing Workshops. Check my Events page for my next Workshop date and details.

In Health and Happiness,

Tenille x