Ladies… Get your Woman On…

Ladies it’s time to find your ‘Inner Woman’… ‘Get your Woman on’… ‘Connect to being a Woman’!

And no I don’t mean be a mum, work harder and faster at your job, go shopping, do a workout that gives you a nice bottom… I mean the exact opposite…

Last week I experienced for the first time a Ka Huna Pregnancy Massage. Thank you to my beautiful client, Julia for buying me this much-needed gift. For those of you who have never experienced this type of massage it is a Hawaiian style massage where they use oil, you are fully unclothed and they use long rhythmic strokes, working your entire body from toes to hair, and there’s a lot of breathing and energy that goes in to the treatment.

As I lie on the bed I realised how out of touch we get with our feminine bodies. As my practitioner moved around my body, the massage felt almost like a relaxing contemporary dance. I felt something awaken inside of me, something I don’t connect with enough and let myself just fully let go and enjoy. I wont lie, I fought this feeling at first but then I realised I just needed to surrender to the energy and accept that it was something I obviously had lost touch with and needed to reconnect with. I’ve been endlessly working and creating and giving for so long that I hadn’t realised how much I had closed myself off to my inner woman. No wonder there are issues with self-love, acceptance, eating disorders, fertility, and marriage break ups, the list goes on. Ladies we need to get in touch with our Womanly self. We need to learn to slow down, feel our bodies, our emotions, be in touch with what we are feeling and thinking, be aware of the energy we are expelling every day and come in touch with our feminine side.

I thought I had done this through changing my weekly exercise and work routine to support my female, mothering lifestyle but its not enough. There’s more we can do like regular massage, making love with our partners (not just sex), being confident to show our bodies, take care of our bodies with good food and beauty therapies, skinny dip in the ocean, meditation, dance… let those hips swing ladies they were made to do so.

So all of this came out of one massage. But I feel it is an important message for all women to be aware of and make a few changes in your lives to step away from the hustle and bustle of work, family and pressure and start to self-love and connect to your inner women.

If you are looking for a unique massage experience that will heal your spiritual as well as physical self, then a Ka Huna Massage is a must. You can check out the amazing team at Earth Therapies for more information.

In Health & Happiness

Tenille x