My Story #6 ‘Let’s go again’

It’s funny how once you have a baby people are automatically asking you when and if you’re going to have another child. I mean I always hoped to have 2-3 children but no way was I going to consider it until Maeve was at least 1. I was enjoying every minute of her plus juggling a business. Then your child turns one and everyone is just waiting till that moment you say you are pregnant again. Maeve was about 1 year and 6 months when we decided to try again. After my journey with trying to fall pregnant with Maeve I knew exactly what I needed to do… everything that I did the first time. I learnt so much the first time round and since I had such a great pregnancy I was willing to do everything possible to have another great pregnancy. That was always my fear. Everything was so easy and enjoyable the first time I was afraid it may be different the second time. So about 3 months before trying to fall pregnant I did regular acupuncture, cleaned up my diet, increased my vitamins, stopped running and did more yoga and restorative exercises.

We decided not to try seriously but were just not safe and would see what happened… and BAM… a month later we were pregnant. First thought was awesome, so excited and so ready! Second thought was shit… We had just booked a trip to Japan and weren’t going to try seriously until we were over there or got back! “I Hope I travel ok pregnant and feel devastated I can’t have sashimi and enjoy a few drinks with hubby while away”! So the second month of my pregnancy we hit Japan for almost 2 weeks… I travel fine, no sickness… phew… no Japan food belly… phew… have more than enough energy… felt tired a few times by luckily Maeve was still having a day sleep so got a few naps in. I even managed to do a 40 minute walk up a mountain with Maeve on my shoulders! So all besides one vomit on a car ride from the airport… (whoops i forgot that when I’m pregnant I can’t sit in the back seat as it makes me sick)… Japan was a success and Maeve traveled like a champ!

By the time we got back everyone was asking me if we were expecting again… we were about 9-10 weeks in (I always like to wait until 12 weeks as you never know) but I just did the whole ‘oh I ate and drunk too much in japan!

Second time around we were just as excited… we were ready for another Bub and had made the changes in our lives for it… bought a house, downsized my business to a home studio and felt Maeve was at a decent age. The third month of my pregnancy I did a yoga course in women’s health! I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with it but I felt a strong energy to wanting to do it. I knew I needed to do something different in my career, as with 2 kids I wouldn’t be able to teach the hours I was. I also wanted to expand my knowledge in women’s health and yoga! Though out my whole pregnancy, creativity flourished deep inside. I felt so inspired after my course and very in touch with my creative side. It was for this particular reason that I thought we were having another girl…? I decided just to ride this wave of inspiration and creativity… So throughout my pregnancy I achieved a lot. I completed a yoga course. A wrote a book on ‘Preparing for Fertility Naturally’. And I started a new business ‘A Woman’s Wellness’. Ok, so I felt inspired, motivated and creative but there were many times along the way I thought ‘what am I doing to myself?’ Why do I always put more work load on myself when I should be slowing down. But in my head I knew that if I did it now then once Bub came along it would make things easier. Plus, its like it just all came about naturally. I was listening to my emotions, authenticity, and heart!

However, I must say, that even though I once again had a sick-free and enjoyable pregnancy it wasn’t as magical as the first time, when I had so much time to just look after me and my growing baby. With a toddler about, hubby away a lot and me still working, I didn’t get to enjoy a lot of the things I did the first time with Maeve… like pregnancy yoga classes every week, walks nearly every day, interaction with other pregnant mums… it made me wonder and worry a little with how it would affect my baby. Will this Bub be as relaxed and content as Maeve was as a Bub? I did try to do my own yoga and Pilates practice at home (most the time with Maeve at my side), a restorative posture a few days through the week and I also got in to essential oils which helped immensely with sleep and relaxation.

There were two things I did do differently with my second pregnancy was see a naturopath and placenta encapsulation. And my reason being. After I finished breastfeeding Maeve I was depleted in everything, especially Iron. I knew that this would be even more likely with second bub as I was busier with another kid and I was told I was having a much bigger baby. So I was willing to try anything to keep my health at optimum level so that I could grow a healthy baby and have the energy to breastfeed a big baby and be there for 2 children.

The hardest part of my whole pregnancy was the last 9 days… With Maeve I was 5 days early… This pregnancy I was 9 days over-due. I know it was teaching me patience and to slow down and connect internally. But it was long, hard and painful. Yes painful. My pubic bone ached and this baby was so strong it hurt when he kicked me. And he was so big there was no room in my insides. I could feel him in every direction, ribs, organs, pubic bone, back, stomach (and the heartburn). Whilst I grew more uncomfortable each day I also took each day to slow down more and connect to my baby through meditation, nature, and massage (including perineum massage). I highly recommend perineum massage, especially as I knew I was going to have a bigger baby. So I know it’s a private and personal thing but I feel I need to talk about perineum massage for a moment. Don’t be afraid to do it. It is a natural process in pregnancy and is great to prepare you for labour. It helps you to tap in to your feminine and sexual side. And it gives you greater awareness and connection to what your body can do and is capable of in labour. And whilst I prefer to do it myself I know others swear by getting their partners to do it. It’s great bonding for you and your support partner.

So… back to my story… It was a Friday night and I was already 8 days overdue. I felt different on this day. Like things were slowing down and I felt really connected to how I was feeling and what my body really wanted. I did a meditation, I had a bath, I did my perineum massage with more intention then usual and I went to bed early. I was certain that tomorrow would be the day…

I look forward to sharing my birthing story with you next week. It was fast, intense, painful, scary, heart-stopping, but ended with pure joy as our hearts grew even bigger!

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