Honouring who you Truly are…

After a roller-coaster of a week (as most weeks are) a little voice inside my head kept telling me ‘you need some time alone’, ‘time to be in your own thoughts’, ‘your body is telling you something’, ‘don’t be afraid of your thoughts and feelings-listen’. So after about a week I said to hubby “once Lennox is fed and ready for a nap I’m going to take a walk up Talley/Burleigh Hill by myself”. This is one of my favourite places… it has all the elements fresh air, rainforest, ocean, views, and an energising walk. It always interests me how many people walk and exercise with their phones and headphones. Personally I don’t get it, as for me the point of a relaxing, alone walk is to take in all the surrounds and not to be immersed in any form of electronics. So by the end of my walk I realised…

I have spent the last few months not honouring my true self and what makes me tick, what helps me survive each week! In January I had made a plan… I had decided that until Lennox was 3 months I was just going to be a mum and embrace just that. No planning, no goals, no work (or very little of it), no schedules- just embrace motherhood! I had thought this was the right thing that most mother’s got to do. I had thrown an EXPECTATION on myself that this is what other mums do and I should follow suit. But the truth is I don’t operate in this way and while I’m not honouring my true self I’m not feeling at my best and therefore neither are my family. I need goals, I need plans, I need motivation, I need to exercise, I need something to strive toward… this is what ENERGISES me, drives me and makes me HAPPY. If I’m happy, my family are happy. It doesn’t mean I can’t live in the moment… For some reason the last few months I thought to live in the moment and ‘just be’ I couldn’t do these things but I can have all this as well as ‘live in the moment’.

So this month I am going to…

  • Put together a Vision/Goals board
  • Schedule in a weekly group class just for me!
  • Planning and Scheduling our week (Monday-Friday) as a family (this is needed between my work, kyle’s work, a baby and a toddler).
  • Start eating more of the good foods I love and very little sweets, desserts and bread. And not over-eating!

Just writing this I am already motivated and excited for the rest of 2017. And this isn’t for everyone… it’s about finding out what makes you tick and motivates you, keeps you sane and your family happy and healthy.

So what does this teach us… ‘listen to your inner voice‘, ‘be true to ones self‘, ‘take time for just you‘…

I hope you can all HONOUR WHO YOU TRULY ARE!

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In Health & Happiness

Tenille xx