Start your day right…

‘One small positive thought or action in the morning can change your whole day.’

I’m back… For my readers, apologies it’s been a while since my last blog. So a quick down-load on what’s been happening with me. To begin there are several reasons I have not been blogging the past 2 months. I started back teaching more hours and didn’t want to over exceed my working brain- definitely have baby brain second time around and feel I can only absorb and out-load so much mentally. I find that 6- 8 months age is the most enjoyable but challenging time. Enjoyable because there are so many new milestones to achieve (crawling, standing, eating, new sounds, gestures,clapping). Lennox is one super-star. You can not hold him back from wanting to watch and learn and go, go, go and eat, eat, eat! And luckily for us Maeve has been so much better with him. She’s loving how he interacts with her more and is realising how much he just adores her so really she gets to hold being the center of attention. It’s a challenging time as there’s now so much food to prepare, they are awake more so you want to play and interact with them (this really isn’t a challenge for me but stops me from working) and emotionally I find it a hard time to let go of them a little, as they become a little more independent. Lastly, 2 months ago I found out I have a parasite and it was draining me terribly so I really needed to work on my health. Slowly getting there but it will be a slow process as there’s not much I can take whilst still breast feeding.

So anyway… What I really wanted to do was share with you a post I read the other day about how a man started his morning. I just loved it and it’s amazing how much our lifestyles have changed over the last 10-15 years. I have been talking to several people lately about how technology and media are a big part of our lives now and it can become overwhelming and/or frustrating with having to keep on top of it all the time. But I truly believe that even though it is a big part of our lives we need to know what times we can create space to disconnect from it all and not let is CONTROL our lives. We can abuse the use of technology in our lives that can become very unhealthy for us… Examples of unhealthy technology use…

  • watching too much TV or even putting the TV on first thing in the morning.
  • sleeping with your phone right next to you
  • having phones at the dinner table
  • having your phone with you when interacting/playing with your children
  • letting kids sit on their phones, ipads, computer all day. especially first thing in the morning.
  • doing computer work before bed.
  • and this is just to name a few!

So anyways I am going to share with you this blog about how this man starts his day…

“I wake up at 5/5.30am and start my day by doing a few light stretches and drinking a warm lemon water. Some mornings if I have time I will do a light workout including some core exercises. After that I read a book for 20-30 minutes. I make myself a warm, wholesome breakfast and always add greens and most morning eggs. I then enjoy a fairly cold shower. This makes me feel alert and fresh to take on my day. After I am ready for work I take a few deep breathes before hoping in to my car. On my drive to work I listen to a pod-cast. Before I start my days work I take another few deep breaths. Now I don’t do this every single morning, I am human, but I enjoy doing it most mornings especially during the week before I start work. Some mornings I love a sleep in and have a warm shower and coffee first thing.”

Did you feel inspired and motivated to change some of your morning habits? I did. I mean this exact morning isn’t for everyone but we can definitely take elements of it. I find with kids I don’t have the luxury of enjoying all this in the morning before I start teaching but I definitely try elements of it and if the kids every do sleep in I make the very most of it by doing a yoga workout or meditation or just enjoying a tea in quiet or even a morning shower (but I’m going to start trying the cold shower).

So I challenge you in the next week or month… What changes can you make in your morning routine to create a more positive start to your day that isn’t filled with technology or feeling rushed and stressed. I think if we can start our days like the one mentioned above (or even just elements of it) we will achieve so much more throughout the rest of our day and take on a more positive attitude.

Here’s to a great week ahead.

In health & Happiness,

Tenille x