Restorative Postures on the Bolster

A Gift for you…. Rest, Restore and Re-balance your mind, body and emotions… Read on for more!

Why Restorative Yoga?

Firstly I believe Exercise is all about BALANCE. We are constantly striving to strengthen, tone and work our bodies to its highest capacity, but did it occur to you that you will get more out of these types of exercises by allow the body to also rest and repair. Restorative Yoga Poses work on more than just a stretch. It includes deep relaxed breathing, releasing tension and tightness, clearing the mind, opening the heart and tapping in to your emotions and true self. All these areas we tend to more so neglect and bottle up and yet if we took just once a week to do our Restorative Exercises we will get so much more out of our weeks mentally, physically and emotionally. And even more so, as the demands of life, work and family are getting more and more, we need that time to REST, RESTORE and just simply BREATHE.

I discovered Restorative Yoga when I was trying to fall pregnant with our first child, Maeve and have been hooked even since. Thanks to the amazing Tracey Whitton from ‘Stillness through Movement’, for showing me and guiding me through this life-changing practice. And now one of my favourite pieces of equipment is the Bolster, which we keep in our lounge room and use a few times a week.

So for you I have put together 5 Restorative Exercises that are simple, relaxing and can take you as little as 5 minutes to as long as 1 hour. So find some relaxing music (or a quiet space) and a relaxing environment (I even love doing them on my bed before bedtime). ENJOY!

PROPS: It is best to use a Bolster but if you do not have one you could roll up 2-3 blankets or towels.

METHOD: All poses can be held for 2-10 minutes. All you want to do is find where you are most comfortable, close your eyes and just simply connect to your breath and letting go. Allow yourself to take in slow controlled breathes. Breathing from your lower belly, into your ribs and lower chest and then slowly, gradually exhale.

If you are interested in purchasing a bolster follow this link…



Great for opening your lower back and hips. Helps to open the lungs and increase lung capacity. Is a very nurturing and inward-focused pose


Great for opening and release tension in your thoracic (middle) spine, opens the heart and lungs and releases emotions.

heart opener


Lengthens hamstrings and glutes, opens the lower back, reverses blood circulation. Only hold for a few minutes.



A very feminine pose. Opens the hips & womb area and lengthens the adductors (inner thigh muscles). The resting on the bolster on the forehead is great to drop the body, slow the mind and relax. This posture is particularly great for fertility.



Everyone’s favourite. Opens and releases the heart, chest, shoulders, back, lunges. Increases lung capacity and breathe concentration. Great posture to meditate in.

mother pose